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Dispute Resolution Victoria

Helping parties resolve disputes and avoid litigation

Welcome to Dispute Resolution Victoria.

An NMAS nationally-accredited private mediation practice, offering onsite, in-venue and online mediation + ADR services.

Mediating all civil and commercial disputes: contractual; business partnership; building and construction; employment and workplace; shareholder; organizational governance; neighbourhood; health services and aged care disputes. 

Our aim is to provide an expert, timely and cost-effective 'off-ramp' to expensive, uncertain and protracted public Court litigation. 

Mediation gives parties a forum to be heard and understood, the assistance they need, whilst retaining control over the outcome, preserving confidentiality and continuing relationships.

Mediation can be undertaken between parties either with or without existing legal representation. 

We act as a neutral third party that guides the parties to ultimately work together in a structured, confidential process to resolve their civil or commercial disputes without going to Court.

As NMAS accredited dispute resolution professionals - we do not take sides or impose an outcome, nor do we provide legal representation or legal advice to or against any party.

Connect with us today to learn more or to make a booking.

“An ounce of mediation is worth a pound of arbitration and a ton of litigation!” — Joseph Grynbaum


Quotes and Insights into Mediation

The Supreme Court of Victoria is committed to resolving disputes in the most efficient manner possible, including the use of non-adjudicative processes.  The use of private mediation practitioners has been and remains critical to the administration of justice in Victoria.  The Court will continue to encourage, and where appropriate direct, parties to engage in private mediation in the majority of civil proceedings coming before the Supreme Court.

Supreme Court Victoria, Judicial Mediation Guidelines, SC Gen 6, Clause 4

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