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CARE: Our Service Philosophy


As a dedicated mediation and dispute resolution practice, we care about helping people and business resolve their disputes efficiently and effectively.
We are firm believers in the many benefits of timely, effective mediation, as an enabling force that can empower the parties to free themselves from their dispute and move on with certainty without risk, delay and further cost.


We listen to the needs of the parties, pay attention to the detail of their dispute and help them construct their own pathway to a lasting resolution.

As neutral mediators, we do not give any legal advice to or against any party to the dispute. All disputes and discussions remain confidential between the parties, who retain control over the outcome.

In ourselves, we strive for continuous improvement and continuing professional development - keeping up with developments in our field to give the parties the best chance of finding an agreeable, lasting resolution to their dispute in the most effective and efficient manner possible.


Disputes are often highly stressful and emotions can be high - we are mindful to ensure our approach is impartial, fair and yields respectful, productive dialogue and between parties to discover and work through the real issues and provide a safe, encouraging space for dispute resolution and preserving continuing personal and commercial relationships.


We are dedicated to ensuring mediation is appropriate in each case through a pre-mediation process before any mediation is conducted.
We want to ensure any mediation has the best chance of yielding a desired and intended result for the parties - to maximise the benefit of the parties from any mediation and minimise their outlay of time, effort and expense.

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